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Grand Lakes Comércio de Veículos Lda (current name Asperbras Comércio de Veículos Lda) headquartered in Luanda, Angola is active in the heavy vehicle segment on the African continent. The company operates as an official dealership for the Volkswagen trucks and buses brand, among other complementary brands for the segment. Currently, Grand Lakes is one of the main Angolan companies, offering quality products and after-sales services, contributing to the development of the country's transport system.


The GrandLakes wordmark, symbol and icons mimic the curves, twists and flow of the represented brands, which will always be at your side. The goal was to deliver a solution that would be a true reflection of the brand and how its products and mission is to push mobility on a national scale; for a smarter and more secure world on the move. A colour palette of blues form the primary brand hues, while neutrals act as complementary colours. The branding framework makes the counterform ellipse of the logo an iconic, instantly recognizable shape that GrandLakes can own as part of its visual language. Simple, easy to apply - flat design, and free of colors to be compatible with any represented brand without overshadowing them.

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The identity’s look and feel extends to all institutional materials, and we have been doing all the digital marketing and social media planning for the brand, as well as planning the annual sales calendar.

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Modern and dynamic, the new website brings, at this first moment, total emphasis to launches. The website also has a responsive layout, that is, it adapts to the screens of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. In an interactive experience with Volkswagen, visitors can easily view and share brand information in just a few clicks.

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In addition to social media campaigns, we plan the purchase of keywords, always having as a guide the search terms that present a good relationship between volume and cost per conversion.

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