Alivita combines a wide range of food and sports supplements, healthy food and cosmetics with a modern and educational e-commerce.

The main objective is to develop an individualized approach, with effective results for an improvement in the quality of life.

It presents itself as a young and enterprising company, which is based on quality, seriousness and rigor, highly motivated and specialized, which aims to provide customers with scientific advice.


Brand identity structure, naming and packaging design for Alivitta's first CBD line, which operates in the pharmaceutical, veterinary and agro markets. With innovative products, which are in the research process to prove safety and efficacy. The visual language conveys selfcare's focus on function and utility, appearing as a fluid graphic pattern that coats the packaging, hinting at the function of each product. The font and organic ingredients inspired a logo made of linear patterns.

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Alivita's brand identity and packaging are fresh, simple and modern, presenting the product as scientifically advanced, accessible and authentic. The identity uses green tones to suggest nature. The packaging uses green tones, emphasizing the product's base in nature. The graphics are differentiated and differentiated from other solutions on store shelves, presenting the products as a true innovation in their product category.

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The online platform for shopping medicines and food supplements, where users can also explore medical information and connect with like-minded individuals. We took help of design thinking methodology. Design thinking process is a human-centered approach that aims to solve complex problems by focusing on user needs and iterating through multiple stages of design.

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The work starts with clearly defining the objectives of the supplements dietary and CBD medicine company on social media platforms to increase brand awareness, educate the public on the benefits of the products, generate leads and receive sales.

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