Daimic Motors

The Daimic Group, which began its operations in the early 90's, has a long and solid tradition in the sale of imported products and vehicles, representing top-tier automotive brands.


Focusing on excellence in customer service, the Daimic Group stores offer the public options for brand new, semi-new vehicles and the provision of after-sales services, through periodic revisions, supply of parts and repairs.


The brand designed by Beevolt needed to express Daimic's brand strategy and transmit its strong values and ambition, as well as reinforcing Daimic's pioneering spirit in the automotive field. A key requirement for the new brand was to unify all its divisions towards a common vision. First, the team developed the brand architecture logic, establishing a coherent approach to all dimensions of the business, as well as a complete identity system to work across all channels with motion design and film as a central part of the brand language. The uppercase custom drawn wordmark is friendly, open and inviting, using each letter shape to complement the circularity of the letters and the path of the roads.

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Every aspect of Daimic, from its business card, interiors to its identity design, is created to provide a highly atmospheric experience. Beevolt’s system extends this thoughtfulness to the smallest of touchpoints, like uniforms that were designed as a nod to the car dealer´s ”big move” as the architects call it; a guardrail of structural blades that flow from the ground floor to the store, so customers can take a the feeling of the space home with them along with their leftovers.

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Our Challenge were organised the information architecture and built a site map based on key pages and ensure every sub pages are linked and up-to-date, the content structure into sections, so that it will be easier to digest the information according to its level of importance. Was created mockups for four different screen sizes (wide screen, desktop, tablet and mobile). And we Identified the types of fund filter that is unique for each brand and product and ensured the usability of the search function is efficient using key terms.

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Planning focused on the marketing and sales strategy, considering actions to generate and capture demand. We defined the responsibilities of the marketing and sales teams (creating an SLA and KPI's), structured new processes such as the recurring sending of qualified leads by marketing and monitoring metrics focused on market intelligence by the commercial team.

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A sequence of traditional advertisements that played a crucial role in attracting public attention, generating interest and achieving the desired success in launching products and promoting offers.

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