Daniel Weltin 877 Derechos

Top San Leandro Accident Attorney fighting for your rights for over a decade

San Leandro accident attorney Daniel Weltin has over a decade’s experience in personal injury

Product liability, and collective action litigation, with a focus on catastrophic injuries and complex cases. Mr. Weltin’s work on civil justice in complex cases has been recognized in The Recorder, Law360, VerdictSearch and other national publications.


A new brand identity for the D. Weltin Law Offices reintroduces it to a national audience. The identity pays tribute to the founder with a proprietary typeface, an elegant serif that nods to the typography of San Francisco in the second half of the 20th century. As part of this shift, Beevolt has developed a new visual identity for the office—that positions it for a national audience by anchoring it in the city it calls home. The program includes a new logo and shortened name, D.W, and custom typeface. The brand architecture establishes a cohesive system for sub-brands like 877 Derechos, so the identity can grow along with the company.

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Collateral materials to convey a message about the lawyer office to an audience with the intention of increasing sales and brand awareness among target customers and clients. Showcase what sets you apart from your competitors, offer a unique value proposition and share the benefits customers may realize from buying one of your offerings.

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The website features an editorial redesign that highlights stories about 877 Derechos, its projects and how they are helping the people they serve.

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With the communication and brand strategies defined, we prepared the ground to launch the new brand positioning in the American market and generate actions to connect with your audience.

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